UNC Greensboro Pathways

International Graduate Program



UNC Greensboro’s Pathway program offers international graduate students a unique, individualized academic experience that allows for English language learning specific to each student’s area of study. In addition to their major-specific studies, students enroll in courses that teach academic strategies for listening, writing, presentation, reading, and more. Each student is assigned a conversation partner within their academic discipline, as well as academic and career advisors.

In addition to the core English curriculum, UNC Greensboro partners with New Mind Education to offer the required University Performance Program (UPP). The UPP at the graduate level is the Pathway course ESL 600, 601 and 602, Culture and Community for Graduate Students. This is a co-curricular experience for international student’s while enrolled in the Pathway. The goal of this program is to help international students fully integrate into campus life and have a successful academic experience. The UPP is specifically designed to address transitional challenges faced by international students by providing the following value-added experiences:

  • Advising: You are paired with an experienced advisor who meets with you one-on-one every week to provide individualized support and guidance.
  • Conversation Partner: You are paired with a graduate student from your intended major. This partner will help you gain your academic English schooling, introduce you to your department’s culture, and keep you connected with fellow students in your department while enrolled in Pathway.
  • Global Learning Curriculum: Weekly seminars on U.S. culture, academic expectations, intercultural communication, career exploration, and 21st century skills such as creativity and problem solving as part of our research-based program.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Regular on-campus events and community service projects to help you truly integrate into your campus community.
  • Holiday Events and Overnight Trips: Special celebrations during important U.S. holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as trips to other parts of the country will help you gain a deeper understanding of U.S. culture, customs, and history. There may be additional fees for some of these experiences.
  • Foundational Services: Pre-arrival and transitional support, such as room and board coordination, banking, cell phone, and health insurance as well as communication with parents to help you settle in and transition smoothly to your new lifestyle.